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The Grand National 2019 Festival at Aintree begins on Thursday 4th April. The big race itself is run at 17:15 on Saturday 6th April which is over a week earlier than the 2018 event.  The weather can be a very important factor, determining to a large extent what the going will be like.

Horse racing

By Paul (Finishing Post At Aintree) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

What's the latest forecast?

Computer models suggest the likelihood of a reasonable day for the Grand National. Temperatures should be close or even a little above the average for the time of year. Some showery rain is possible in the Aintree area but there is a good chance of it remaining mostly dry.  

The Meteo France Arpege chart below shows forecast rainfall for 16:00 GMT on Saturday 6th April. 

Rain forecast postage stamps

Meteo France Arpege 12z

Summary and forecast links

At the time of this update [19:00 BST, 04/04] the weather prospects for the Grand National look promising. Temperatures should be close to the average and there is a good chance of it being dry.

High resolution 3 day hour by hour (best for 0 to 3 days ahead).

3 day hourly weather forecast

16 day forecast for Aintree which updates every 6 hours (best for 4 to 7 days ahead).

16 day Aintree, Merseyside weather forecast

Those of you who want to follow things in more depth should follow the 16 day probability forecast for Liverpool which updates every 6 hours. This shows the range of outcomes the GEFS computer model considers possible (best for more than 7 days ahead).

16 day Liverpool region probability forecast


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