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Bonfire Night 2018

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Guy Fawkes night falls on a Monday this year so many fireworks parties are likely to take place on Saturday 3rd November. In recent years mild and damp conditions have been quite typical, with cold and frost at a premium. This year the Autumn has brought a lot of settled weather to the southern half of the UK but it has been more mixed in the north. In the run up to Bonfire Night colder weather is expected but will it last?

Firework photomontage" by Billy Hicks - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Mixed weather prospects

Unsettled weather is expected during the weekend preceding Bonfire Night. Saturday will be windy, particularly in the north and west. North western parts of the UK also have outbreaks of rain but the south and east should be dry.

On Sunday the rain pushes into much of southern and central Britain. The details are quite uncertain.

Bonfire Night itself is looking quite promising. Today's Arpege 00z forecast chart below shows the risk of some wet weather in the north west and far south east but in most of the country it is dry.

GFS precipitation forecast chart, Monday 5th November

The corresponding temperature plot shows values of between 8C (46F) to 12C (54F), so it should be a relatively mild evening.  

GFS forecast temperatures


The weekend immediately before Bonfire Night will be unsettled and all regions could see rain at times. Strong winds are an additional issue to contend with on Saturday. The weather on November 5th is looking dry and mildish in most of the UK.

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