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As the days grow shorter and the autumn chill deepens, one of the most common questions we are asked is whether a White Christmas is on the way. Unfortunately forecasting more than a few days ahead in the UK is prone to error because of the changeable nature of our maritime climate. Therefore making a forecast for Christmas Day with any degree of confidence isn't possible until December is well underway. 

Christmas tree in snow
By Nandaro (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Despite that there are some things to go on even though they may be tenuous. Seasonal computer models exist which are designed to give pointers to the weather trends. Other factors, for example the state of El Nino and long term persistence, may have a bearing on the prospects.

On the rest of the site you'll find some of the best and most detailed weather forecast charts and data freely available on the internet. Nonetheless there should be some fun too, and with this in mind TWO begins a Countdown to Christmas forecast page every September. It is regularly updated until December 25th.

From Brian Gaze, TWO founder
Since establishing TheWeatherOutlook over 15 years ago the site has grown enormously and running costs have risen. I intend to continue expanding TWO and keeping it free if possible. If you find it useful and would like to contribute to its development please consider making a donation.

Hopefully you'll enjoy reading the Christmas Countdown, but most importantly remember all of the above. 

TWO Christmas Countdown

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