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Late February freeze

Snow around Berkhamsted


Late February freeze

Exceptionally cold weather affected all of the UK between February 26th and March 2nd and in much of the country heavy snow brought disruption. Despite the lengthening days and strengthening sun several ice days were recorded even in lowland southern England. Towards the end of the period Storm Emma pushed up from the southwest and brought blizzards to Wales, parts of western England and Ireland. Locally in Wales level snow depths of 50cm were recorded and strong winds whipped up huge drifts.

TheWeatherOutlook is based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, which is only about 25 miles northwest of Central London. Despite not being in one of the worst affected parts of the country there were still some impressive wintry scenes and unusually low temperatures.  

Below is a selection of pictures taken in and around Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. If you would like to use any of the images in publications or websites / apps please contact us and we will send a copy of the high resolution original.    

A wintry looking Grand Union canal which runs through Berkhamsted


The low temperatures and dry air led to very powdery snow


Snow readily settled on the roads


Strong winds and powder snow meant caused the snow to blow off exposed surfaces


Snow blowing in the wind


The Grand Union canal iced over


Snow depth at about 175m above sea level just outside Berkhamsted


Level snow depths weren't unusual but the drifts were


Not a common site around here


All good things must end? The thaw begins.



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