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EUMETSAT satellite images

A selection of high resolution satellite images from EUMETSAT is now available on TheWeatherOutlook (TWO) website. The European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) is a global operational satellite agency based in Europe which gathers satellite data on weather, climate and the environment and delivers them to its partners and users worldwide.

All of the images available on TWO are free to access and can be selected on the EUMETSAT page.

Types and coverage

The images currently available on TWO cover western Europe.


Shows rainfall and cloud cover


Infrared 10.8: Shows cloud cover and is good for nighttime use

RGB composites

Snow: Daytime detection of fog, low clouds and snow

Airmass: Monitor the development of low pressure areas

Natural colours: Clearly highlights different cloud types, ocean, bare land and vegetation

Fog: Shows nighttime fog and low stratus cloud

Air mass EUMETSAT image

Airmass satellite image

Update frequency

On TWO the update schedule is:

Visible images every 30 minutes

Channels and RGB composites every hour

The schedule may change according to data availability from EUMETSAT.

EUMETSAT snow image

Snow satellite image


The EUMETSAT satellite imagery now available on TWO is a very useful tool to assess the current weather and to assist in making short range forecasts. All of the images can be accessed from a page which is optimised for all screen sizes.

View EUMETSAT images on TWO

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