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Everyone is talking about Bots but what are they? Basically they are pieces of software that automates a task. More specifically chatbots in Facebook Messenger enable you to interact directly with third parties. For example CNN have a bot to provide news updates. Bots generally run inside existing apps such as Messenger and Skype which are usually already installed, so there's no need to download anything.  

Introducing the TWO Messenger Bot

Bots are a new and rapidly evolving platform but we've already got one for TWO. It's possibly (we aren't sure about this) the first weather Messenger bot to be developed and hosted in the UK. Want to try it out? Here's the link:

What does the Bot do? The initial release gives you access to the latest weather news and 7 day UK postcode / location weather forecasts which are updated every 6 hours. At any point you can tap / click back into our website to get more detailed information.  


Facebook Messenger Bot 1
Facebook Messenger Bot 2


TWO Messenger Bot screenshots

What about the future?

In future we'll be building in more functionality and integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) as standards emerge and users become more familiar with how to use Bots. In the long run we expect our Bot/s to provide an alternative to our website and app offerings, leaving it for you to decide how you want to interact with TheWeatherOutlook. The technology platform should be secondary to the weather news, data and forecasts provided.

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