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Vion - Easy Meteo 5002-4

Product: Vion - Easy Meteo 5002-4

Price: £89.95

Type of product: Weather Station

Reviewer: Dr Michael Gibson

Date of review: 23rd October 2004

Vion weather station

Product overview

The Vion Easy Meteo is a great value, good looking and innovative weather station, with everything you’d expect from an instrument in this price range but with a few extra goodies thrown in for good measure. Its LCD display is clear and easy to read with a good range of information on display without appearing cluttered.

It boasts a built-in automatic time function that corrects the time according to the DCF 77 signal at Frankfurt (adjustable for BST/GMT) and should work at a range of up to 2000km of the German city. Unfortunately I was outside this range but setting the time manually was very straightforward. The weather station comes with one outdoor sensor (as shown) complete with a protective water resistant cover. Extra sensors are available up to a maximum of 3 per base unit. The base unit will display current conditions of; barometric pressure (HPa or InHg) and indoor and outdoor temperature with comfort level indicators. The pressure can be easily and accurately set and adjusted according to elevation above sea level upon set-up. Additionally the base display shows a barometer trend graph and indicator.

One of the most interesting and in my opinion attractive features of this equipment is its novel “Intelligent” weather forecast with a confidence rating (0 to 5). As expected and required for weather enthusiasts there is a maximum and minimum memory facility for all data. In addition to this the display warns of imminent frost, strong wind and storm conditions and also displays the current phase of the moon.

This weather station is available in both white and silver and looks stylish with a blue LED displaying when it reads from a remote sensor and can be wall or table mounted. It comes with batteries included and the external sensors have an impressive range of up to 100 metres and the easy to use drop down menus can be displayed in five different languages. So for people who are after a value for money, high spec and attractive weather station that provides at-a-glance data the Vion Easy Meteo will be hard to beat.



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