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  • bbcweather 21/03 14:02
  • Here's a look at the recent satellite image, which shows a lot of cloud in general, but there are some breaks in th… https://t.co/rOyFk6EU8h
  • bbcweather 21/03 13:40
  • Cyclone #Trevor is rapidly intensifying in the Gulf of Carpentaria and is due to make landfall on Saturday, this ti… https://t.co/V8SUHU09U8
  • bbcweather 21/03 12:26
  • Rare 'moonbow' seen in Cumbria last night. What's a moonbow, I hear you say? https://t.co/Kpunkx3XMy https://t.co/PhZRHJFspB
  • bbcweather 21/03 12:18
  • Not quite as warm as yesterday in places but not bad for the time of year. https://t.co/SSsc188Na3
  • bbcweather 21/03 11:16
  • Skiing weather update: With recent heavy snowfall across the Alps, conditions are looking fantastic for snow-sport… https://t.co/hR7r9GvYvN
  • bbcweather 21/03 09:26
  • There's definitely a feeling of Spring in the air but will it last? #WeatherForTheWeekAhead… https://t.co/hbmObbpFS5
  • bbcweather 21/03 09:04
  • RT @SimonOKing: 📣 Amazing phenomenon alert! You may have seen many rainbows in your life but have you ever seen a moonbow? As the #SuperW…
  • bbcweather 21/03 08:09
  • RT @carolkirkwood: Cloudy day. Rain moving south across Scot, then pushing back north. Sunny spells W Midlands, NE Eng @BBCbreakfast xxx ht…
  • bbcweather 21/03 08:09
  • RT @carolkirkwood: Hill fog/coastal mist and drizzle at times in the west. Murky at times English Channel coast @BBCbreakfast xxx https://t…
  • bbcweather 21/03 08:08
  • RT @SimonOKing: With yesterday's sunshine the temperature got up to 19°C in Sheffield. It'll be cloudier today so brightness/sunshine will…


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  • RT @cloudymamma: A beautiful day in Inverness for today's dog walk, warm and sunny. @EarthandClouds @StormHour @NatureUK @ThePhotoHour @stv…
  • HarmonyMindBody 21/03 14:35
  • RT @myweatherpi: Thu Mar 21 14:30:09 2019 21.60C 27.00C #weather #raspberrypi
  • GamerGeekNews 21/03 14:35
  • RT @PRicanFilmmaker: 🌈 Double the rainbow, double the goodness. Sigh... at least those hail clouds brought us a spectacular double rainbow.…
  • Tala_NoExcuses 21/03 14:34
  • RT @windyforecast: #HowTo recognize a cloud type https://t.co/xNHRbsRwPz #clouds #stormhour #weather #storm https://t.co/W7m5Zpk7Hf
  • carlosbeto19741 21/03 14:34
  • These #geese I don't know what to say except-shut up!!!! PLEASE. They're absolutely beautiful, but ENOUGH already!… https://t.co/gvrSE8nP2d
  • SarahJ647 21/03 14:33
  • 10:30am Clear, Temp 41F(H41/L41), Wind N 1mph, MaxGust 1mph, Baro 30.23in, RainToday 0.00in, Hum 56% #weather
  • 201weather 21/03 14:32
  • RT @stacyanngooden: It’s the first full day of spring and rain will soak city streets throughout the day. Highs are expected to reach 47 de…
  • BillieO2 21/03 14:31
  • "Spotters give us the best opportunity to give timely information to the decision-makers on advisories. A photo or… https://t.co/qVif6OVnGm
  • heraldbulletin 21/03 14:31
  • RT @METAR_LPPT: LPPT 211400Z 07005KT 360V170 9999 FEW025 18/07 Q1025 #aviation #airplanes #metar #weather #avgeek #aviationlovers
  • AvEcuadorRT 21/03 14:31
  • RT @sjb_astro: One year ago today I caught this Sun pillar on my way to work. You never know what you'll see in the sky so keep looking up!…
  • thinkalot 21/03 14:30