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TheWeatherOutlook (@TWOweather)

  • TWOweather 23/01 22:06
  • RT @TWOweather: If you're unsure about computer model chart availability on TWO, the new Model Inventory feature will help a lot. It lists…
  • TWOweather 23/01 21:19
  • ICON 18z shows a band of wintry showers pushing southeastwards tonight. A covering of snow is possible in places.… https://t.co/e3mbTXgtm6
  • TWOweather 23/01 18:55
  • If you're unsure about computer model chart availability on TWO, the new Model Inventory feature will help a lot. I… https://t.co/OUstHcLlHJ
  • TWOweather 23/01 15:32
  • Yesterdays's snow has steadily melted away today. Bright sunshine for much of the day in #Berkhamsted with temperat… https://t.co/UpU6UBc5Wd
  • TWOweather 23/01 08:56
  • Cold with scattered wintry showers - [Updated 08:55 23/01/2019] Latest UK weather https://t.co/9OcPGnoXRX https://t.co/85vAQsQfwR
  • TWOweather 22/01 17:48
  • @MrThommohawk But please do NOT take the chart literally. It's way too far off to worry about. However, the general… https://t.co/iS2xfUWiW5
  • TWOweather 22/01 17:41
  • GFS12z going for a snow event in the south next week & a cold outlook. Will shortly see where it fits in the ensemb… https://t.co/udighlE8Xx
  • TWOweather 22/01 17:36
  • Using the magic of Google Night Sight I was able to take these snow pics in almost complete darkness at approx 17:3… https://t.co/pQWojWPK7Y
  • TWOweather 22/01 16:08
  • @andrew_miggs First hand reports when available ALWAYS beat computer models / automated weather stations / precipitation radar.
  • TWOweather 22/01 16:03
  • Is it still rain / sleet in Central London? Anyone confirm?

Met Office warnings (@metofficeEng)

BBC Weather (@bbcweather)

  • bbcweather 24/01 04:30
  • Morning, a cold, icy start for some leading to sunny spells and cold in the east, cloudy, damp but milder in the we… https://t.co/wfW70QEmuf
  • bbcweather 24/01 04:09
  • Morning, it's another cold and frosty start away from west facing coasts. Ice could be an issue too, so take care f… https://t.co/Ep8VpsF4B8
  • bbcweather 24/01 01:04
  • Wednesday's extremes: Warmest: St Mary's, Isles of Scilly 9C Coldest: Newton Rigg, Cumbria -2C Sunniest: Coleshill,… https://t.co/H7GyO6dLvx
  • bbcweather 23/01 21:04
  • Temperatures will climb over the next couple of days, but is that the end of the wintry weather? NP… https://t.co/YqT1zoDv2E
  • bbcweather 23/01 19:52
  • Milder on Friday, but then the freezer door opens again at the weekend! #Snow is possible for some on Sat & Sun. https://t.co/QyuiejYaRN
  • bbcweather 23/01 19:42
  • The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for #ice for much of the UK tonight until 1100 tomorrow. Details here https://t.co/DUK2a04zh8
  • bbcweather 23/01 19:27
  • UK weather: Commuters warned about ice as temperatures drop. np https://t.co/YYOpm6bjx3
  • bbcweather 23/01 18:56
  • BBC #WeatherWatchers have been sharing their stunning snaps of the recent snow. np https://t.co/dRQmqkxA5R https://t.co/oGx34bX42L
  • bbcweather 23/01 18:28
  • "Staying cold with further snow risks" - read our monthly outlook here: https://t.co/l2ZBruEFhF 🌨️🥶❄️ https://t.co/xY72YXsCh3
  • bbcweather 23/01 18:03
  • #NiagaraFalls , the world-famous waterfall, is transformed into a winter wonderland. np https://t.co/pHyFdY5RNk


Tweets using the hashtag #weather

  • RT @JenniferBroome: Wow! Look how magical #Paris looks in the snow. #weather https://t.co/epnibmv0kC
  • OrhanTelli17 24/01 05:24
  • #Alexandria as of 07:24 EET Sunny 12° and Feels Like 11° #weather
  • alexforecast 24/01 05:24
  • RT @JenniferBroome: Wow! Look how magical #Paris looks in the snow. #weather https://t.co/epnibmv0kC
  • Mustafa28046964 24/01 05:24
  • dayumyou 24/01 05:24
  • RT @barrybutler9: Are you ready for the return of Chiberia? Single to below zero temps on their way for Chicago starting on Friday...with…
  • SandraLambros 24/01 05:24
  • RT @GMACAG: WHAT’S HAARPENING WITH THE #WEATHER? #Aluminum #Barium #Lithium Sounding Rockets Poker Flat Research Range & #HAARP - High-freq…
  • GrnGalFrmSoCal 24/01 05:24
  • RT @kjhindi: इन राज्यों में बारिश के साथ पड़ेंगे ओले #weather #states #showfall #rain https://t.co/xxmjOs924n
  • JasAnushka 24/01 05:22
  • RT @ChopinAirport: #GoodMorning from Warsaw Chopin Airport! Cloudy in the morning again, sunny around noon again. Chilly, still. High tempe…
  • boskakomedia3 24/01 05:22
  • RT @JWSpry: @Havenaar64 @SteveSGoddard @MRobertsQLD WAS #CarbonDioxide to blame for Adelaide's temperature rising above 38°C (100.4°F) FOUR…
  • dunvirkin 24/01 05:22
  • Right now: Haze, Temperature: 28.3C, Humidity: 63%, Wind: From SW at 3.2KPH, Updated:10:50AM #Chennai #Weather
  • WeatherChennai 24/01 05:20
  • #Weather Thursday 53Degrees Friday 11Degrees Sunday 39Degrees Next Fri -1Degrees What the.. :@weatherchannel
  • NASCHartInc 24/01 05:19