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Heavy rain clearing northeastwards

[Updated 08:20 25/06/2019]

Fair weather

Heavy rain gradually clears today and sunny spells develop. During the next few days scattered showers continue and it becomes increasingly warm. The hottest day is likely to Saturday. By Sunday cooler condition will be returning from the west....READ IN FULL

Tuesday starts with thundery rain in much of England and Wales. This morning heavy rain gradually moves northeastwards and out into the North Sea. It may linger in parts of north eastern England until the evening, but it becomes lighter. Elsewhere warm spells of sun develop but isolated showers are likely.

Temperatures range from 18C (64F) in Scotland to 23C (73F) in central and eastern England. See the rain and lightning radar for the latest view.

Arpege forecast chart 1

Meteo France Arpege, rain, 16:00 BST Tue 25th June

Tonight it becomes mainly dry. It will be muggy and humid in the south.

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Summer forecast Issued 01/06/2019

Tomorrow it remains mostly dry and bright in the northern half of the country. The south has sunny spells too but there is a likelihood of heavy showers in the morning. During the afternoon they become lighter and more scattered. Feeling warm in the sun.

Arpege forecast chart 2

Meteo France Arpege, rain, 16:00 BST Wed 26th June

Warm air mass pushed back

During the second half of the week it warms up further as winds turn into more of a southeasterly direction. Temperatures in southern and central areas may pip 30C (86F) on Saturday, but in eastern coastal counties it stays cooler. There is a risk of thundery rain in the north and west. 

Through the weekend cooler air gradually spreads southeastwards. That could lead to showers becoming more widespread for a time. Ahead of it there will be further very warm or hot spells of sunshine. The cooler and fresher weather continues in early July.

GFS forecast 850hPa temperatures

GFS 850hPa temperatures, 16:00 BST Sun 30th June

Web push notifications launched

If you're on a Android, Windows or Mac device scroll down a little and you will see a "Want weather notifications?" heading. If you select Notify Me! you will be asked to allow to send notifications. Select allow and you're registered. You can unsubscribe at any time. At the moment iPhone and iPad don't support the technology.


16 day GEFS ensembles at a glance

A trend towards drier conditions is shown in the short term. Around the 20th June the risk of it turning wetter increases again. Temperatures fluctuate but in the south it could become warm or very warm for a time. View latest GEFS.


Very unsettled and windy period


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