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16 day weather forecast

Fully updated four times each day.

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1) Enter a location or postcode in the place or postcode box at the top and press the forecast button, e.g. Hourly, 7 day, 10 day or 16 day.

Only the first part of a postcode is needed. If you enter it in full the space must be in the right place, W1 5BU is ok but W15BU is not.

2) Select from the UK locations list or the Global locations list.

If you can't find a location it may not be in our database. If you'd like it added please send us the postcode and the name of the nearest town.

Background information

Forecasts make use of the latest available data from the GFS model which is run every 6 hours by NCEP.

Colored shading on the forecasts is used. Generally oranges / reds indicate high values and blues low ones.

Data problems occur occassionally. Usually the issue will be resolved quickly but if it isn't contact us.

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