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Ways to select forecast location

Enter place or UK postcode

Enter the place or UK postcode in the header box and then press the forecast button.

Only the first part of a postcode is needed. If you enter it in full the space must be in the right place, W1 5BU is ok but W15BU is not.

Use geolocation

Instead of entering a place you can use the buttons with . For this to work you will need to allow location access when prompted and be in the UK.

Pick from location list

Pick from the UK locations list or the Global locations list.

If you'd like a location added please contact us and provide the details. and the name of the nearest town.

  • {{slide.time}}:00

  • {{slide.temperature}}°C

  • {{slide.rain}}mm

  • {{slide.humidity}}%

  • {{slide.meanwind}}mph

  • {{slide.gustwind}}mph

  • {{slide.cloud}}%

  • {{slide.pressure}}mB

  • {{slide.keyid}}:00

Day summary


Forecast key

Currently uses data from the 00z and 12z Meteo France Arpege model runs.

  • Time

  • Weather type

  • Temperature °C

  • Rain mm

  • Relative humidity %

  • Mean wind speed mph

  • Wind gust mph

  • Wind direction

  • Cloud cover %

  • Pressure mB