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Data from the HIRLAM, GFS, GEFS, GEM, ECWMF, UK Met Office, CFS and WW3 numerical weather prediction models is available on the Chart viewer.

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The computer model charts on TWO are mostly updated either 2 (UK Met Office, ECWMF, HIRLAM, GEM, Fax) or 4 times each day (GFS, GEFS, WW3). CFS updates daily.

Check them regularly. Look for cross model consistency and trends from the ensembles when using to help produce weather forecasts.

Charts key points

  • The computer model name usually appears in the top left corner
  • The time it is valid for usually appears in the top right corner
  • The title is usually made from the variables displayed, e.g. MSLP is Mean Surface Level Pressure
  • The initiation time usually appears after the model name, e.g. 0z means 0GMT