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Offline Hungry Tiger  
#1 Posted : 08 June 2021 14:10:48(UTC)
Hungry Tiger

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I looked this one up as I wanted this on this forum - With acknowledgments to Kevin Bradshaw.

The most notable event of August 1912 was the destructive rainstorm in Norfolk which did severe damage in Norwich which resulted in the deaths of 4 people. 7.25 inches of rain fell with uncomfirmed reports of a total close on 9 inches in Brundall just west of Norwich. This one I was told personally myself there on having a discusssion with someone in the Royal Met Society many years ago.


August 1912 is about as a poor summer month you can get, it holds all 3 worst records: coldest, dullest, wettest.

Compared to August 1995 which holds sunniest, driest, warmest.

The contrast between August 1911 and 1912 is very notable.

CET: 18.2

CET: 12.9

rainfall: 54.9mm

rainfall: 192.9mm

Lots of people suffered and died from the heat in 1911, whilst people suffered in 1912 for different reasons either through the floods, the damp and the cold.

Camden Square

Wettest month since October 1903

Mean temp: 57.9F (-4.4F)

Sunshine: 106.5hrs

Highest max: 73.2F (4th)

Rain: 4.89" (+2.50")

Rain days: 25


Rain: 6.23" (+3.81)

Rain days: 28

Sunshine: 145.0hrs

Totland Bay

Mean temp: 57.6F

Sunshine: 123.4hrs

Highest max: 67.6F

Bury St Edmunds

Rain: 8.29" (+5.77")

Rain days: 24

Highest max: 70.0F (4th)


Rain: 9.55" (+6.38")

Rain days: 27

Highest Max: 62.9F (29th)


Rain: 4.81" (+1.08")

Rain days: 24

Mean temp: 55.4F

Three waterspouts over the sea on the morning of the 3rd.

Highest max: 67.0F (4th)

Sunshine: 119.3hrs


Rain: 4.95" (+1.90)

Rain days: 23

Sunshine: 52.0hrs

Highest max: 68.0F (16th, 17th)


Rain: 7.66" (+3.45")

Rain days: 25

Sunshine: 96.6hrs

Highest max: 65.1F

Nowhere in the UK recorded a maximum of 75F.

From Robert Cross of Worstead

"We had a remarkable rainstorm here on the 26th August which yielded 5.89" in the 24 hours, by far the largest amount I have ever registered in one day during the last 25 years. The total for the month is 9.86", which is a record. The barometer fell to 28.95", which is a lso a record for August.

The damage done is enormous. More than 40 road bridges have been swept away, railways flooded and trains stopped. The wind backed from SE to NW and blew a gale. Thousands of trees have been blown down."

August 1912 CET trackometer (12.9)

1. 12.9

2. 12.3

3. 11.7

4. 12.7

5. 12.9

6. 13.0

7. 13.1

8. 13.2

9. 13.1

10. 13.1

11. 13.0

12. 12.8

13. 12.7

14. 12.6

15. 12.6

16. 12.6

17. 12.7

18. 12.8

19. 12.9

20. 12.9

21. 12.8

22. 12.8

23. 12.8

24. 12.9

25. 13.0

26. 12.9

27. 12.9

28. 12.8

29. 12.9

30. 12.9

31. 12.9

Here is the isohyet map from the British Rainfall 1912 edition of the Great Norfolk rainstorm

Readings from John Willis of Ipswich Rd, Norwich

26th August 1912.

4am: 0 inches

9am: 0.87 inches

10am: 1.43 inches

11am: 2.02 inches

12pm: 2.82 inches

1pm: 3.97 inches

2pm: 5.07 inches

3pm: 5.77 inches

4pm: 6.32 inches

6pm: 6.66 inches

10pm: 7.02 inches

4am: 7.32 inches


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Offline KevBrads1  
#2 Posted : 08 June 2021 15:47:49(UTC)

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I wrote that 


Timelapses, old weather forecasts and natural phenomena videos can be seen on this site


Offline Bertwhistle  
#3 Posted : 08 June 2021 17:40:54(UTC)

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Also interesting is the fact that the seasons didn't really realign properly until the winter, with poor autumnal warmth.

Bertie, Itchen Valley.

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Offline lanky  
#4 Posted : 08 June 2021 21:47:40(UTC)

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This is the MetO/CEDA 1km square rainfall data for 25-26 August 1912 selected just for East Anglia

There are a  few red areas meaning in excess of 200mm rainfall



Richmond, Surrey

Offline Hungry Tiger  
#5 Posted : 10 June 2021 13:42:32(UTC)
Hungry Tiger

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Originally Posted by: KevBrads1 Go to Quoted Post

I wrote that 

That's a bit cheeky of them. I'll alter the top comment and give the acknowledgemts to you Kevin. That's only right and proper.

Gavin S. FRmetS.

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