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Offline Hungry Tiger  
#1 Posted : 30 September 2017 13:32:18(UTC)
Hungry Tiger

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Location: South Cambridgeshire

Just thought I'd open the thread ready for when GW is ready.


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Gavin S.

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Offline Bolty  
#2 Posted : 30 September 2017 14:02:55(UTC)

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United Kingdom
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Quite a hard month to call, if I'm honest. The constant flip-flopping from the models kind of suggests that October could really go either way.

I think I'll go for a pretty cool 9.9C.

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Online ARTzeman  
#3 Posted : 30 September 2017 14:55:36(UTC)

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11.7c. For my choice Please. 

Some people walk in the rain.

Others just get wet.

I Just Blow my horn

Offline Duncan McAlister  
#4 Posted : 30 September 2017 16:43:34(UTC)
Duncan McAlister

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Joined: 22/05/2006(UTC)
Posts: 490
Location: Ayr

Will try slap bang on the (old) average, 10.6°C.
Offline springsunshine  
#5 Posted : 30 September 2017 17:16:05(UTC)

Rank: Advanced Member

Joined: 14/11/2011(UTC)
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Location: Bournemouth

Thinkni will go for  a fairly mild 11.2c

Offline Stormchaser  
#6 Posted : 30 September 2017 18:05:49(UTC)

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Location: West Hants

Can October break the slightly below-average run of months? Maybe just about if I get lucky with a highly uninspiring 10.9*C (but this may hide a lot of variability... such as is typical for October).

This month surely can't misbehave as badly as September... can it? 

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Offline ScientificOregon  
#7 Posted : 30 September 2017 18:31:57(UTC)

Rank: Advanced Member

Joined: 20/01/2016(UTC)
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Location: Northern side-North York Moors

10.5 thankyou

My Question is as to Weather Forecasting: Is the Future Always set in stone or can Events in the Present Change the course of the Future?
Offline Grandad  
#8 Posted : 30 September 2017 18:44:42(UTC)

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United Kingdom
Location: Central Solihull

Just seen one or two potent GFS Arctic blasts in the long range....

So I will go with 10.7C. Just a bit below what I was going to go for.

Just proves how I do think models are accurate!laughing


Offline PolarWesterly  
#9 Posted : 30 September 2017 18:57:18(UTC)

Rank: Member

Joined: 30/12/2016(UTC)
Posts: 10

11.0 please

Online Ally Pally Snowman  
#10 Posted : 30 September 2017 19:19:43(UTC)
Ally Pally Snowman

Rank: Advanced Member

Joined: 04/01/2012(UTC)
Posts: 7,105
United Kingdom
Location: Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire

10.9c please. 


Cheers  GW

Bishop's Stortford 85m ASL.
Offline Summer  
#11 Posted : 30 September 2017 19:28:37(UTC)

Rank: Member

Joined: 30/12/2016(UTC)
Posts: 10

10.7 thanks

Offline Sussex snow magnet  
#12 Posted : 30 September 2017 20:06:05(UTC)
Sussex snow magnet

Rank: Advanced Member

Joined: 05/12/2010(UTC)
Posts: 196
Location: Sussex

11.0 please.
Offline moomin75  
#13 Posted : 30 September 2017 21:03:31(UTC)

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11.4c please
Witney, Oxfordshire

100m ASL

Offline Bertwhistle  
#14 Posted : 01 October 2017 08:04:08(UTC)

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Location: Central Southern England

Benign; 11.47 please.

Bertie, Itchen Valley.

Remember Finlake!

Online Jonesy  
#15 Posted : 01 October 2017 08:11:15(UTC)

Rank: Advanced Member

Joined: 21/07/2008(UTC)
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Location: Medway

10.7 please GW

Medway Towns (Kent)

The Weather will do what it wants when it wants no matter what data is thrown at it !

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Offline Caz  
#16 Posted : 01 October 2017 08:31:56(UTC)

Rank: Advanced Member

Joined: 28/10/2008(UTC)
Posts: 21,085
Location: Market Warsop, Nottinghamshire, East Midlands

Looking back on last year’s October thread, this is what GW wrote:

1971-2000 10.4C

1981-2010 10.7C

1996-2015 11.2C

We had some very warm October days last year with an almost record Halloween. 

This year, given the recent trend and a gut feeling we’ll see nothing out of the ordinary.  I’m Going for 10.8c

Market Warsop, North Nottinghamshire.

Join the fun and banter of the monthly CET competition. Discuss monthly temperatures and records.

Offline ozone_aurora  
#17 Posted : 01 October 2017 08:58:12(UTC)

Rank: Advanced Member

Joined: 25/06/2012(UTC)
Posts: 915
Location: Lowestoft

11.5 C, please.

Online lanky  
#18 Posted : 01 October 2017 09:18:34(UTC)

Rank: Advanced Member

Joined: 05/04/2006(UTC)
Posts: 4,192

I'll go with a very uncertain 10.8C please


Richmond, Surrey

Offline kendalian  
#19 Posted : 01 October 2017 10:09:55(UTC)

Rank: Advanced Member

Joined: 21/12/2006(UTC)
Posts: 77

Cooler I think, so go for 10.5C please 

Offline Hungry Tiger  
#20 Posted : 01 October 2017 10:13:28(UTC)
Hungry Tiger

Rank: Advanced Member

Joined: 11/04/2006(UTC)
Posts: 25,253
Location: South Cambridgeshire

I'll go for.



Gavin S.

TWO Moderator.

Contact the TWO team - twomoderationteam@gmail.com

South Cambridgeshire. 93 metres or 302.25 feet asl.

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