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Offline RobR  
#81 Posted : 20 July 2016 21:18:23(UTC)

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Stoke was a storm shield again today. We're not doing too well this year for storms; they all seemed to fire up east of here again. 

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Offline johnr  
#82 Posted : 20 July 2016 21:18:41(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: doctormog Go to Quoted Post

Parts of Suffolk look like they are really taking a hammering!

THere are a few isolated cells up north at the moment but nothing overly close to here.


It was very impressive but quite short-lived - back to blue sky in about 30-40 minutes. We were sandwiched between two very high rainfall areas so didn't get more than a heavy shower and viewed most of it in the dry.

Mickfield, Mid Suffolk
Offline Crepuscular Ray  
#83 Posted : 20 July 2016 21:20:52(UTC)
Crepuscular Ray

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United Kingdom
Location: Blackford in south Edinburgh

A good show today. 2 big thunderstorms between 8.30 to 9.30 and also 11-12. The first was the most dramatic with almost day darkness in Edinburgh and frequent flickering pink lightning. An awesome sight as it lumbered over the Pentland Hills from the south stretching across the whole horizon. A well marked gust front and a well-developed funnel cloud was photographed in Lauder to our SE. Even this evening a huge anvil with rumbles lay to our SE.

Edinburgh South (70m above sea level)

Offline ozone_aurora  
#84 Posted : 20 July 2016 21:24:53(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: doctormog Go to Quoted Post


Parts of Suffolk look like they are really taking a hammering!

THere are a few isolated cells up north at the moment but nothing overly close to here.

Yes, it was quite an impressive storm here, the epicentre was just to the SE, with frequent lightnings and strong winds up to 25 mph, but it didn't last too long and there was just ordinary heavy rain here (not like last week Tuesday). 

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Offline Snow Hoper  
#85 Posted : 21 July 2016 05:18:37(UTC)
Snow Hoper

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Location: Thorndon, Suffolk

In this part of Suffolk it was the wind that was key, snapping the tree behind the gardens and turning our gazebo upside down bending 3 bars and snapping one of the anchored ropes, I now regret not listening to myself to put it away. Average wind speed at one point was 30mph. The rain was noteworthy with many instances of the rain rate being over 125mm ph. Almost constant lightning and thunder and debris everywhere. Stanton 11 miles SW (ish) had large Hail.


Edit: oh and we had no power until around midnight.

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Offline Twister  
#86 Posted : 21 July 2016 11:51:53(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: SJV Go to Quoted Post

Constant rumbling from a storm over the southern Peaks earlier this afternoon. The thunderhead spread right over Sheffield and gave us a few big drops of rain as it pummelled Chesterfield. Good to see from afar though!

Another cell out west at the moment - nothing compared to the excitement around Cambridge at the moment but it might give us a last hurrah. Still very muggy and warm!

That is a stunning photo! 


Location: Egerton, Kent - 33m ASL

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Offline Charmhills  
#87 Posted : 22 July 2016 08:48:09(UTC)

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A watch out for heavy showers and thunderstorms for some Central areas of the UK.


Offline P+ve Giant  
#88 Posted : 22 July 2016 14:05:21(UTC)
P+ve Giant

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Looking too capped in this neck of the woods atm ...



Online doctormog  
#89 Posted : 22 July 2016 14:16:34(UTC)

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There is some activity out to the west and northwest of here currently. Doubt if it is heading this way though.
Offline POD  
#90 Posted : 23 July 2016 04:57:06(UTC)

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1.0mm yesterday, 17.0mm month to date.


Offline Andy J  
#91 Posted : 29 July 2016 15:28:18(UTC)
Andy J

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Was in Lincoln earlier today, and it was hit around 1.15pm by a 20 min. intense downpour of rain.   Then another approach of quite dramatic looking low-hanging clouds around 3pm, heralding another big downpour as I headed out of Lincoln.  Large areas of standing water seen on some roads, but yet roads were dry heading towards Gainsborough.

Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.
Offline Arcus  
#92 Posted : 29 July 2016 18:59:01(UTC)

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Big clump of cells passing through these parts, several close strikes and heavy rain

Nr. Easingwold, North Yorkshire

30m asl

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