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Offline Frank H  
#41 Posted : 28 February 2015 18:37:46(UTC)
Frank H

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Joined: 01/01/2014(UTC)
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Location: Wrightington, Wigan

6.5c please

Offline Twister  
#42 Posted : 28 February 2015 18:52:20(UTC)

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Joined: 05/04/2006(UTC)
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Location: Egerton, Kent 33mASL

7.0 please
Location: Egerton, Kent - 33m ASL

Thunder 2016: 12 (Apr 3,13; May 21; Jun 8,11,17,22,23,25, Jul 2,12, Aug 26)

Winter 2015/6: Snowfalls: 10 | Snowcover: 2 (Jan 17 (0.5cm)) | Air frosts: 39

Winter 2016/7: Snowfalls: 4 (Jan 12-3, Feb 10-11) | Snowcover: 2 (Jan 13, 2cm, Feb 11, 3-5mm) | Air frosts: 57 (2 in Oct, 10 in Nov, 13 in Dec, 19 in Jan, 6 in Feb, 3 in Mar, 4 in Apr)

"The heavens tell of the glory of God. The skies display his marvellous craftsmanship." (Psalm 19:1)

Offline The Professional  
#43 Posted : 28 February 2015 20:18:12(UTC)
The Professional

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United Kingdom
Location: Kings Worthy

6.01 please. Thanks!
Offline Zubzero  
#44 Posted : 28 February 2015 20:27:30(UTC)

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4.4C please

Offline Stormchaser  
#45 Posted : 28 February 2015 20:55:53(UTC)

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Location: West Hants

A combined analysis of model output for the last few days and using the LTA for the second half of the month suggests a CET of around 7*C for March... but there has been a marked trend upward in the predicted temperatures through the period, with early runs producing as low as 6.7*C run and the latest of the runs more than a degree higher at 7.8*C.

To add to this output, there is a strong signal for a considerable positive height anomaly to develop over NW Europe by mid-month, and this has been around in some guise or other for at least a week now. It's a pattern that tends to be very persistent once established, and can produce well above average temperatures across the UK at times as a long-draw SW'rly imports air from the subtropics.


So, like last month, I'm going to adjust the predicted CET upward. Hopefully this will prove to be a step in the right direction this time


I may as well go with an old favourite:



Many thanks as always GW, here's hoping for a spring that has something for everyone 

If you have any problems or queries relating to TWO you can Email twomoderationteam@gmail.com :)

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2018's Homeland Extremes:

T-Max: 30.9*C 8th July | T-Min: -7.7*C 28th Feb | Wettest Day: 19.2mm 14th October | Ice Days: 4 (28 Feb - 2 Mar & 18 Mar)

Keep Calm and Forecast On

Offline Duncan McAlister  
#46 Posted : 28 February 2015 20:58:41(UTC)
Duncan McAlister

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Joined: 22/05/2006(UTC)
Posts: 495
Location: Ayr

7.0 for me please.
Offline Easterly Beasterly  
#47 Posted : 28 February 2015 21:09:11(UTC)
Easterly Beasterly

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Joined: 15/01/2012(UTC)
Posts: 60
Location: Crawley, West Sussex

I'll go for 7.4c please

Offline bruced  
#48 Posted : 28 February 2015 21:22:38(UTC)

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I'll go with 7.2 please.  Models have adjusted the high pressure belt further south than was forecasted a few days ago thus exposing the UK to milder air.  To be fair, the MetO (who have predicted the general pattern this winter with a fair bit of accuracy) have been, for the past few weeks, projecting higher pressure to the south over the near continent.  I see no reason to dispute this.

Thank you



Offline Grandad  
#49 Posted : 28 February 2015 21:59:22(UTC)

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Joined: 30/10/2014(UTC)
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United Kingdom
Location: Central Solihull

6.0C for me please


Offline Darren S  
#50 Posted : 28 February 2015 22:54:32(UTC)
Darren S

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Posts: 12,232
United Kingdom
Location: Arborfield, Berks

6.3C please 


Arborfield, Berks (61m asl) My weather station website

Winter 2020/1 @15/04/21 0900 Snow Days: 10 Snow Cover Days: 4 Current Depth: 0 cm Max Depth: 9 cm Total Depth: 13 cm

Winter Snow Depth Totals:

2019/20 0 cm; 2018/19 14 cm; 2017/18 23 cm; 2016/17 0 cm; 2015/16 0.5 cm; 2014/15 3.5 cm; 2013/14 0 cm; 2012/13 22 cm; 2011/12 7 cm; 2010/11 6 cm; 2009/10 51 cm

Offline John S2  
#51 Posted : 28 February 2015 23:05:16(UTC)
John S2

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Location: West Yorks/East Lancs

My guess = +6.85c
Offline redmoons  
#52 Posted : 28 February 2015 23:27:48(UTC)

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United Kingdom
Location: Watford

6.85c cool spells 



ASL 35m

Blog - http://www.andrewlalchan.com | Live weather - http://weather.andrewlalchan.co.uk

Offline nouska  
#53 Posted : 28 February 2015 23:43:38(UTC)

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Posts: 2,632
Location: SW France and Weybridge, Surrey.

6.9C please.
Offline Gavin P  
#54 Posted : 01 March 2015 11:08:44(UTC)
Gavin P

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Posts: 35,389
United Kingdom

Sorry, a bit late with this. Can I say 7.0 please.

Rural West Northants 120m asl

Short, medium and long range weather forecast videos @ https://gavsweathervids.com/

Offline scillydave  
#55 Posted : 01 March 2015 11:18:39(UTC)

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Location: Birdlip, Gloucestershire 292m asl

5.8c for me please
Birdlip, highest village in the Cotswolds and snow heaven in winter.
Offline Gooner  
#56 Posted : 01 March 2015 13:08:41(UTC)

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Remember anything after T120 is really Just For Fun



North Oxfordshire

378 feet A S L

Offline Charmhills  
#57 Posted : 01 March 2015 13:32:18(UTC)

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Location: Everywhere

7.6c for me please.


Offline Saint Snow  
#58 Posted : 01 March 2015 14:18:15(UTC)
Saint Snow

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Joined: 05/04/2006(UTC)
Posts: 50,262
Location: St Helens

I could be in big trub this month

"Poverty exists not because we cannot feed the poor, but because we cannot satisfy the rich."


Home: St Helens (26m asl) Work: Manchester (75m asl)

A TWO addict since 14/12/01

Offline Whether Idle  
#59 Posted : 01 March 2015 17:33:19(UTC)
Whether Idle

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Location: Dover

7.0 please

Dover, 5m asl. Half a mile from the south coast.
Offline Caz  
#60 Posted : 01 March 2015 21:42:02(UTC)

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Location: Market Warsop, Nottinghamshire, East Midlands

Originally Posted by: Saint Snow Go to Quoted Post

I could be in big trub this month

Ahhh, but you know how fickle the models are and the fat lady hasn't even begun to sing yet! 

Market Warsop, North Nottinghamshire.

Join the fun and banter of the monthly CET competition. Discuss monthly temperatures and records.

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