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Offline marting  
#41 Posted : 30 September 2014 18:47:58(UTC)

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Joined: 11/04/2006(UTC)
Posts: 525
Location: Greasby, Wirral

11.2c please, wet overcast and windy keeping it all average+????




Greasby, Wirral.

Offline Sussex snow magnet  
#42 Posted : 30 September 2014 18:51:56(UTC)
Sussex snow magnet

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Joined: 05/12/2010(UTC)
Posts: 180
Location: Sussex

I will go for 11.5 please.

Offline Whether Idle  
#43 Posted : 30 September 2014 19:25:56(UTC)
Whether Idle

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Joined: 03/09/2006(UTC)
Posts: 8,568
Location: Dover

Going for a very pragmatic 11.35.  Cool days mild night formula!

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Offline Stormchaser  
#44 Posted : 30 September 2014 20:10:57(UTC)

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Location: West Hants

I have a sneaky feeling this month will be close to average, but that's being boring and not worth it given my position in the table, so instead I'm going to envision that the theme of high pressure close to our east makes a return around the middle of the month and combines with an Iberian trough to bring unseasonably warm weather to our shores yet again. This is followed by at least average temperatures and brings about a final CET of


At least this way I get to be around the top of one table

I would go considerably cold for a change, but the latest model runs leave me requiring some kind of Arctic wonderland scenario to achieve such a thing.

If you have any problems or queries relating to TWO you can Email twomoderationteam@gmail.com :)

Homeland: Rural Mid-West Hants nearly 10 miles S of Salisbury (near Fordingbridge). More insights: https://twitter.com/peacockreports

2018's Homeland Extremes:

T-Max: 30.9*C 8th July | T-Min: -7.7*C 28th Feb | Wettest Day: 19.2mm 14th October | Ice Days: 4 (28 Feb - 2 Mar & 18 Mar)

Keep Calm and Forecast On

Offline garybournemouth  
#45 Posted : 30 September 2014 20:33:37(UTC)

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Joined: 13/06/2010(UTC)
Posts: 184
Location: Bournemouth

11.1℃ for me please. Thanks :O)
Offline Easterly Beasterly  
#46 Posted : 30 September 2014 21:04:25(UTC)
Easterly Beasterly

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Joined: 15/01/2012(UTC)
Posts: 60
Location: Crawley, West Sussex

11.7c please

Offline Darren S  
#47 Posted : 30 September 2014 21:19:10(UTC)
Darren S

Rank: Advanced Member

Joined: 05/04/2006(UTC)
Posts: 11,879
United Kingdom
Location: Arborfield, Berks

11.1C please


Arborfield, Berks (61m asl) New weather website

Winter Snow Depth Totals:

2019/20 0 cm; 2018/19 14 cm; 2017/18 23 cm; 2016/17 0 cm; 2015/16 0.5 cm; 2014/15 3.5 cm; 2013/14 0 cm; 2012/13 22 cm; 2011/12 7 cm; 2010/11 6 cm; 2009/10 51 cm

Offline Dingle Rob  
#48 Posted : 30 September 2014 21:33:42(UTC)
Dingle Rob

Rank: Advanced Member

Joined: 23/03/2011(UTC)
Posts: 214
United Kingdom
Location: Bristol

11.6C for me please.

Offline John S2  
#49 Posted : 30 September 2014 21:36:50(UTC)
John S2

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Joined: 06/04/2006(UTC)
Posts: 1,782
Location: West Yorks/East Lancs

My guess = 11.35c
Offline Gavin P  
#50 Posted : 30 September 2014 22:00:01(UTC)
Gavin P

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Joined: 05/04/2006(UTC)
Posts: 35,356
United Kingdom

10.5 - Wet and windy!

Rural West Northants 120m asl

Short, medium and long range weather forecast videos @ https://gavsweathervids.com/

Offline markwells  
#51 Posted : 30 September 2014 22:26:59(UTC)

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Joined: 11/11/2008(UTC)
Posts: 58
Location: Harthill (South Yorkshire)

HI please can I go for 11.2 C Many thanks
Offline nouska  
#52 Posted : 30 September 2014 22:57:45(UTC)

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Joined: 05/04/2006(UTC)
Posts: 2,632
Location: SW France and Weybridge, Surrey.

11C please.
Offline Twister  
#53 Posted : 01 October 2014 06:18:08(UTC)

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Joined: 05/04/2006(UTC)
Posts: 4,148
Location: Egerton, Kent 33mASL

10.8C please
Location: Egerton, Kent - 33m ASL

Thunder 2016: 12 (Apr 3,13; May 21; Jun 8,11,17,22,23,25, Jul 2,12, Aug 26)

Winter 2015/6: Snowfalls: 10 | Snowcover: 2 (Jan 17 (0.5cm)) | Air frosts: 39

Winter 2016/7: Snowfalls: 4 (Jan 12-3, Feb 10-11) | Snowcover: 2 (Jan 13, 2cm, Feb 11, 3-5mm) | Air frosts: 57 (2 in Oct, 10 in Nov, 13 in Dec, 19 in Jan, 6 in Feb, 3 in Mar, 4 in Apr)

"The heavens tell of the glory of God. The skies display his marvellous craftsmanship." (Psalm 19:1)

Offline The Professional  
#54 Posted : 01 October 2014 19:25:29(UTC)
The Professional

Rank: Advanced Member

Joined: 31/12/2010(UTC)
Posts: 164
United Kingdom
Location: Kings Worthy

Ooops, late. 10.99 please. Thanks GW!
Offline ARTzeman  
#55 Posted : 02 October 2014 15:54:19(UTC)

Rank: Advanced Member

Joined: 14/07/2012(UTC)
Posts: 27,706
Location: Peasedown St John. N.E. Sommerset

Met Office Hadley   figure  updated ... 15.0c.   Anomaly    2.7c.  

Metcheck               14.62c.    Anomaly   4.11c.

N-W                       16.15c.   Anomaly   5.75c.

Mount  Sorrel          15.21c.   Anomaly   4.81c.

My  Mean                15.8c.    Anomaly   3.4c.



Some people walk in the rain.

Others just get wet.

I Just Blow my horn

Offline Quantum  
#56 Posted : 02 October 2014 21:35:16(UTC)

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Joined: 27/11/2009(UTC)
Posts: 19,602


Tactical voting information during the general election campaign for Leave voters



Offline ARTzeman  
#57 Posted : 03 October 2014 11:14:51(UTC)

Rank: Advanced Member

Joined: 14/07/2012(UTC)
Posts: 27,706
Location: Peasedown St John. N.E. Sommerset

Met Office Hadley      13.9c.      Anomaly   1.7c.  Provisional to 2nd.

Metcheck                  14.40c.    Anomaly   3.90c.

N-W                         15.25c.    Anomaly   4.86c.

Mount  Sorrel            14.74c.    Anomaly   4.34c.

My    Mean                15.8c.     Anomaly    3.4c.


Some people walk in the rain.

Others just get wet.

I Just Blow my horn

Offline Caz  
#58 Posted : 03 October 2014 19:17:44(UTC)

Rank: Advanced Member

Joined: 28/10/2008(UTC)
Posts: 20,710
Location: Market Warsop, Nottinghamshire, East Midlands

Sorry, just back from holiday.  Can I still have a go?  If so, please put me down for 11.8c

Market Warsop, North Nottinghamshire.

Join the fun and banter of the monthly CET competition. Discuss monthly temperatures and records.

Offline ARTzeman  
#59 Posted : 04 October 2014 10:41:09(UTC)

Rank: Advanced Member

Joined: 14/07/2012(UTC)
Posts: 27,706
Location: Peasedown St John. N.E. Sommerset

Met Office Hadley      14.4c.    Anomaly    2.2c.     Provisional to 3rd.

Metcheck                  14.70c.   Anomaly    4.19c.

N-W                         15.49c.   Anomaly    5.1c.

Mount  Sorrel            15.27c.   Anomaly    4.87c.

My   Mean                 15.7c.    Anomaly     3.3c.


Some people walk in the rain.

Others just get wet.

I Just Blow my horn

Offline Global Warming  
#60 Posted : 04 October 2014 14:07:03(UTC)
Global Warming

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Joined: 07/10/2006(UTC)
Posts: 6,439
United Kingdom
Location: Chineham, Basingstoke

Despite cooler conditions over the next few days we may see warmer conditions again by the middle of the month. Current output suggests the CET could be more than 1C above average by the 18th. So the generally warm trend of 2014 may be set to continue this month.

If we look at the 2014 CET we can see that it will track close to 1846 in the next few days and in fact is currently slightly above 1846 and in first place. By the middle of the month we will probably fall behind 1990 but could still just about be in second place.


Chineham, Basingstoke, Hampshire, 86m asl
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