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25 August 2010 21:21:01

The forum software was upgraded on 3rd April 2010, and at that time you should have received an e-mail that looked something like this:

 "TheWeatherOutlook forum is being upgraded on Sunday 4th April 2010.

Your new password is: bcd41a8 
You can change this once you have logged in. 

Your username is unchanged.

If you haven't re-registered , it's not a problem, just follow these steps:

1. If your records go back that far, go back to your e-mail inbox, search for an e-mail dated 3rd April 2010 and follow the instructions.

2. If that's not an option do you still have the same e-mail address that you had when you registered with TWO? If so enter your username and select the "forgotten password" option, and you'll receive new log in details to that e-mail address.

3. If none of the options detailed above apply, you'll have to apply as if you were a new member, but please let us know so we can ammend our records.

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