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17 July 2010 10:01:36

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Brian Gaze

Hi, I’m Brian. I set up TWO in October 2000 and we’ve been online ever since.  I’ve been interested in the weather since the long hot summer of 1976, and enjoyed the cold and snowy winters of the 1980s. Setting up and developing this web site has given me the opportunity to combine my interest and knowledge of the weather with my professional experience of running my own IT consultancy company.  If you’ve got any questions or would like to know more about how weather data can be integrated into web sites and online applications contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss.


Matty H

Hi, I'm Matt. I've been on this forum and variations of it pretty much since its conception around a decade ago and I am currently in my second stint as an admin after a break of a year or so. I live in Yate on the northeast outskirts of Bristol. I first got really interested in the weather during the severe snowfalls of the 81/82 winter and I have been hooked ever since. Snowfall and extreme heat and humidity are my favourite types of weather. Oddly, for a weather nut, I have no interest whatsoever in thunderstorms. If you ever have a question or a problem then feel free to pm me and I'll do my best to help.


Hi, I'm Martyn. A long time amateur weather enthusiast, I'm a southerner who moved north to Yorkshire 20 years ago in search of snow and cheaper houses ! I stumbled upon TWO in 2003 and was instantly hooked by the friendly atmosphere, the variety and the enthusiasm of so many members. I'm most often to be found in the excellent and exciting Up In Arms forum, debating politics, life and anything else. As with all my fellow Admin and Mods, please feel free to get in touch.






Hi, I'm Christina. I've been a member of TWO since 2005 and on the moderating team since 2008. I was drawn here by my life long fascination with weather, I love watching it, recording it and being in it - the more extreme the better! Like all the team members I'm here to make sure life on TWO runs smoothly and happily, so any problems or queries, please get in touch.




Hello! I'm John, I'm based in North London and I've been a member of TWO since 2005. Having been fascinated by all aspects of weather for more than 30 years I'm pleased to have found a community which offers a blend of expert inormation and friendly discussion.  I tend to float around all areas of our forum, so don't expect to find me anywhere in particular. If you've got a problem get in touch with one of the other eager Mods, I've enough problems of my own!

Only joking, I'm here most days, so if you need a helping hand buzz me a PM and I'll do my best to help you, and if I can't I'll try to make sure it's sorted.

PS! Hate the tie......seems to be the only picture ever taken of me.


David M Porter


Hello, I'm David. I have been a member of TWO since the hot summer of 2006 although I had been a regular visitor to the site for a couple of years prior to that, and I've been a moderator since November 2009. My interest in the weather first started back in 1988 during my primary school years and I've been fascinated by it ever since. I have heard people say in the past that one can never get bored with the British climate- I very much agree with this view.

Outside of the weather, my main interests are football and trains, both real life everyday trains and those in model form. I also enjoy playing the table football game known as Subbuteo and recently took part in a mini World Cup competition with some mates that I've known since my school days. Didn't do terribly well in it though!

If you have any queries about anything related to TWO, then please feel free to get in touch, and I'll do my very best to assist.


 Hi. I'm Nick, based in Durham since January 2007, which is also about when I joined TWO after years of lurking. I'm originally from Surrey/South London, and, yes, I miss the southern summers!... But winter up here is good, at least. Not surprisingly I like cold and snow in the winter and heat and sun in the summer. I'm often to be found in the Weather Forum, UIA, and occasionally FA and Sports. Any questions or problems feel free to get in touch via PM.


Gavin S




Hi - I'm Gavin. I have been on the TWO forum since May 2003. I have a keen interest in meteorology and climatology. I have been a member of the Royal Meteorological Society since 1981. I live just a few miles south of Cambridge.  I think my favourite weather has to be a long spell of nice warm sunny weather in mid summer. Frost is great in winter beacuse it makes the landscape look good - These days though I feel the cold too much now.  I am often on the weather forum.  I also like a good discussion in the UIA forum as well. 

If you have any questions or issues please contact me via PM.  



Hi, I'm James, a member of TWO since October 2008. After a few years of taking basic measurements out of some desire to aquire and manipulate data, the weather took my interest by storm back in the summer of 2006, when heatwaves and thunderstorms were abundant and much enjoyed! Since then, my observations have become increasingly detailed, and I have also paid close attention to the output from numerical weather prediction models (NWPs). With time, my ability to analyse these and provide a generally understandable intepretation for the public to read has developed through both my own enthusiam and the help of countless fantastic members on this forum. What is my favourite weather? Anything extreme, but ideally not persistently gloomy - I prefer extensive sunny skies!


Yate, Nr Bristol

13 August 2010 21:38:06

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