• tevo
  • Advanced Member
03 November 2023 18:41:46
Still haven't wrapped my Musa Bajoo (banana plant) up yet and monitoring TWO weather expert comments to indicate the first frost here in deepest Cambridge 😀
  • Caz
  • Advanced Member
08 November 2023 16:58:20
Sod’s Law!  I’m waiting for a delivery of Spring bulbs and thought it said they’d be here within ten days.  I’d bought several trays of winter pansies at the weekend, ready to plant once the bulbs were in. I checked the bulb order yesterday and it said delivery within 28 days, so I decided to plant the pansies, as they need to be in.  Two hours later, I had an email saying my bulbs were with the courier!  🤣
Market Warsop, North Nottinghamshire.
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