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Storm Gareth

High impact weather

Posted Mon 11th March 2019 16:40

Storm Gareth is the third named storm of the season. It is deepening in the Atlantic and will bring very wet and windy weather to the UK during the next couple of days.   

Heavy rain tomorrow

Tomorrow morning a band of heavy rain associated with Storm Gareth pushes southeastwards. The Arpege chart shows where it is expected to be at midday. The rain will be accompanied by strong winds with gusts of around 50mph in southern and central regions. There is the potential for surface flooding and travel disruption. Showery weather follows on behind and over high ground in the north it will be cold enough for snow. The strong winds could lead to blizzard conditions.  

Arpege rain forecast

Stormy too

The strongest winds from Gareth could be in the north west tomorrow night.

The Arpege chart below shows forecast wind gusts for 01:00 GMT on Wednesday 13th March. Speeds of up to 75 - 80mph are being flagged up in the north west by the computer models and gales are shown affecting a large area.  

Arpege wind gusts

Winds should gradually ease through Wednesday as Storm Gareth pulls away and begins to lose its intensity. 


Storm Gareth will bring severe weather to parts of the UK during the next couple of days. Tomorrow morning an area of heavy rain and strong winds push southeastwards. Showery conditions follow and it remains very windy. Tomorrow night winds gusts of up to 80mph are possible in the north west. The storm is expected to lead to some travel disruption before things improve on Wednesday.

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