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Frozen In Time (FIT) is TheWeatherOutlook homepage archive which lets you see what was making the weather headlines in days gone by. The archive was started on 7th May 2013. Select the homepage article you want to read by clicking on the title.

Homepage article Archive date
Fine and very warm spell 24/05/2017
Summery and warm outlook 23/05/2017
Summer on the way 22/05/2017
Very warm next week? 21/05/2017
Rain pushing northwards 20/05/2017
Mixed end to May 19/05/2017
Heavy and persistent rain 18/05/2017
Deluge in places tomorrow 17/05/2017
Unsettled week on the way 16/05/2017
Rain increasingly a feature 15/05/2017
Raindance not needed? 14/05/2017
Hotchpotch of weather 13/05/2017
Thunderstorm risk grows 12/05/2017
Big change on the way 11/05/2017
Turning unsettled this week 10/05/2017
Change on the way 09/05/2017
Dry and sunny in the west 08/05/2017
Rain in the south west 07/05/2017
Dry weather continues 06/05/2017
High pressure holds on 05/05/2017
Southerners miss the sun 04/05/2017
Best in the north west 03/05/2017
Mixed May Day weather 02/05/2017
Rain pushing northeast 01/05/2017
Bank Holiday pick 'n' mix 30/04/2017
Bank Holiday pick 'n' mix 29/04/2017
Bank Holiday weekend rain 28/04/2017
Mixed Bank Holiday weather 27/04/2017
Cold with wintry showers 26/04/2017
Cold air spreading south 25/04/2017
A late taste of winter 24/04/2017
Arctic blast on the way 23/04/2017
Much colder next week 22/04/2017
Wintry blast next week? 21/04/2017
Settled spells goes on 20/04/2017
Chilly but mostly dry 19/04/2017
Rain spreading southeast 18/04/2017
Rain spreading southeast 17/04/2017
Rain spreading southeast 16/04/2017
Mixed Easter outlook 16/04/2017
Mixed Easter outlook 15/04/2017
Mixed Easter outlook 14/04/2017
Easter details uncertain 13/04/2017
North to south weather split 12/04/2017
Cooler but dry for many 11/04/2017
Last of the early warmth 10/04/2017
70F and fine weekend 09/04/2017
Fine day ahead for many 08/04/2017
Fine day ahead for many 07/04/2017
Rain clearing the south east 06/04/2017
Rain clearing the south east 05/04/2017
Mostly dry week ahead 04/04/2017
Mostly dry and sunny 03/04/2017
Sunny spells developing 02/04/2017
Sunny spells developing 01/04/2017
Warm in the south east 31/03/2017
Rain in the north and west 30/03/2017
Heavy showery rain today 29/03/2017
Changeable week ahead 28/03/2017
Warm and sunny Sunday 27/03/2017
Fine but short weekend 26/03/2017
Cold and wet today 25/03/2017
Cold and wet today 24/03/2017
Cold and wet today 23/03/2017
Sunny spells and showers 22/03/2017
Chilly and changeable week 21/03/2017
Colder weather on the way 20/03/2017
Damp weekend weather 19/03/2017
Mixed weekend weather 18/03/2017
Mixed day, rain in the north 17/03/2017
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